FLSA Record Keeping

Employers are required to keep records on each employee’s hours and wages as well as other information that is regulated by the Department of Labor. While there should be documentation of this required information, there is no requirement that employers keep a time clock.

It is important that employers maintain the following records:

  • personal and basic information about the employee like address and birthdate;
  • total hours worked each workday and each workweek;
  • total workweek straight-time earnings;
  • regular hourly pay rate;
  • total overtime pay for the workweek;
  • deductions from or additions to wages;
  • total wages paid each pay period; and
  • date workweek is commenced
  • date of payment and pay period covered.

Record keeping as an employer is important not only to comply with FLSA overtime requirements but also Department of Labor regulations. Hour and Wage records can also assist in defending against an FLSA overtime claim. Record keeping does vary among different employees particularly if they are exempt employees like managers. Contact the wage and hour lawyers at Marrero & Wydler to evaluate any potential FLSA concern at (305) 446-5528.