Slip and Fall Negligence

If someone has been injured in a slip and fall accident on your premises, you need legal representation from experienced Miami Slip and Fall Attorneys Oscar Marrero and Lourdes Wydler. Slip, trip and fall accidents cause severe injury, pain, work loss and other problems for an injured person, so these injured parties are quick to seek compensation for their alleged injuries.

Marrero & Wydler, Attorneys at Law

A growing number of Miami area business owners seek legal assistance from Marrero & Wydler Attorneys at Law following slip and fall accidents. This law firm defends commercial property owners against injuries allegedly caused by negligence. As experienced Miami Premises Liability Defense Lawyers, this team of attorneys offers small firm services with the resources and proven success of a large law office.

Attorney Oscar Marrero

As part of the team, Attorney Oscar Marrero brings over 30 years experience to the table to benefit clients. A major focus of his legal work is litigation of personal injury cases. He has helped clients gain relief from expensive lawsuits based on alleged negligence, security issues and other personal injury claims, including slip and fall negligence.

Attorney Lourdes Wydler

An experienced attorney with a strong background representing public officials, corporations, state agencies and municipalities, Attorney Lourdes Wydler has successfully defended clients in major state and federal personal injury negligence cases. She has received industry recognition for her legal skills and favorable client results.

Miami Slip and Fall Attorneys

The worst thing about slip and fall accidents is that most are preventable and only occur due to negligence. This is what an injured party wants to prove in their claims. On the defense side, Miami Slip and Fall Attorneys at Marrero & Wydler strive to show that due care was taken by their clients to try to prevent accidents. This is a major reason why companies, corporations and agencies should have the Law Firm of Marrero & Wydler Attorneys at Law as counsel on a regular basis. We help clients establish sound business legal practices that can help ward off potential negligence problems.

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